Our Guides

Our guides

Kristoffer Gaare

Kristoffer grew up in this River and knows its secrets very well, he has now got a lot of experience in guiding on the river and the number of large salmon that he has landed for clients is very impressive. Kristoffer has a fantastic grasp of the English language and has a wonderful sense of humour, he also has become a fine spey caster and loves to help others improve their own casting technique.

Jonny Stephenson

Jonny comes from England and has worked for Reisastua for over 6 years now. He runs his own guiding company, Wild Pursuits guiding and they guide guests for fishing and hunting all over the world. It is a pleasure to have Jonny bring his wealth of experience to our guiding team and a day on the water with him is always a lot of fun.

Steffen Bakkland

Steffen also grew up by Reisaelva and has ridden a river boat for many years. He is especially well known in the upper part of the river. He runs his own company, Amazing Troms, and enjoys taking care of our guests.