Fly fishing at sea

Fly fishing for halibut and cod

We offer you a unique coastal fishing experience that stands out from the crowd. Unlike most other offers available for these species, we fish in much shallower waters. This gives us the opportunity to use lighter equipment, even fly fishing equipment, in the hunt for the monster fish that live here. Our dedicated and experienced guides from “wild pursuits guiding”, use specially built boats with modern engines and adapted fishing decks. The boats can quickly transport you to the secret areas, where there are large fish.

Halibut is considered by many to be the most sought after fish. They can weigh up to several hundred kg. Even smaller halibut offer a strong fight, especially when biting in such shallow water, many consider this the ultimate catch. Our guides have landed fish over 100kg in these areas, and have landed the Norwegian Fly Fishing record halibut of 43kg.

Another wonderful species is saithe. They are usually found on the edge of the deep, or in deeper water. Large shoals of saithe push smaller prey fish up to the top layers, sometimes all the way to the surface. When they are in this hunting mode, they can bite very aggressively, so here it is important to have a good grip on the fishing rod.

The most numerous fish is cod. In winter, the fjord is filled with some of the largest cod in the world. Fish around 30 kg are regularly landed. In the summer, there are mostly smaller fish that stay here, from 2-3 to 15kg, but on light equipment they can offer a powerful fight!

The population of fish in the fjord is very high, but we are still careful about the number of fish we harvest on these trips, so the guide reserves the right to decide which fish is suitable to take back and which will be released again. If you bring fresh fish back to the lodge, it can be a fantastic meal. Your guide will be more than happy to help you both fillet and prepare it if you so wish.

It is not just fishing that makes these fjords worth a visit. A large number of different species live here. It is not uncommon to encounter one or more of these species, such as sea eagles. The guides have become quite familiar with these eagles, so they can call some eagles closer to the boat where they happily receive some fish. Throughout the season, it is not abnormal to have groups of porpoises or running whales swimming around the boat, in the areas you fish with us. At certain times of the year, groups of other whale species, including killer whales, also arrive in search of the herring shoals that flock here. In addition, there are otters, seals, golden eagles and other animals.

At the beginning of the days you will be picked up by your guide after breakfast. You are driven to the boats, a trip that takes about forty minutes. In the boats there is room for two fishermen and a guide. The guide steers the boat, and helps you to get ready equipment, gives tips on how to fish, and helps you to haul the fish. The areas you are going to fish are anywhere from five to thirty minutes from the harbor. The order in which you fish the different areas depends on the tide, tide, wind direction and season. In the boats we have a selection of refreshments, such as coffee, beer, snacks. For lunch, the guide takes the boat ashore, and you have lunch around a campfire. A normal day out with us lasts for about eight hours, and at the end of each day you will be driven back to the lodge.