The local surroundings

Experience exciting activities in Reisa National Park.

Reisastua is located on the banks of the beautiful Reisa River, adjacent to the celebrated Reisa National Park. The location is perfect for a broad diversity of nature-based activities. There is something for everyone and we offer a huge variety of Arctic experiences. Just a short walk away you will find Sarafossen with its spectacular gorge. Sarafossen is an awesome sight and one of the highest waterfalls in Nordreisa.

If you want to learn about culture and local history, it is worth visiting the Ovi Raishiin garden.

Ovi Raishiin – Visitor Point Reisadalen

Ovi Raishiin is an information point and lookout point for Reisa National Park. The site is run by Halti nasjonalparksenter AS, as part of the Reisa National Park Visitor Centre. Ovi Raishiin means “the door to Reisadalen” in Kven, which is one of three languages that have traditionally been used in Reisadalen.