Our facilities

What can you expect at the Lodge?

Reisastua is built in a cosy classic style with a restaurant, bar, fireplace lounge, TV room, meeting room and a selection of modern large suites with private bathrooms. There are double beds in all bedrooms. We also offer a large roof terrace with a large jacuzzi.

A restaurant in the Arctic circle.

Make yourself comfortable at a beautifully laid table with a crisp white tablecloth. The windows facing the Reisa Valley stretch from floor to ceiling. An eagle soars above, and you might see a leaping salmon as it heads upstream.

Our chef works with the finest local ingredients to create a range of delicious local dishes, prepared according to your wishes. Salmon, cod or halibut, perhaps? Reindeer, goat, lamb or beef are also popular.

Breath out, enjoy our food, and share stories from today’s salmon fishing adventure or breathtaking expedition up the river.

Do you want a different Christmas party this year, or a memorable celebration or special party? No problem. Get in touch for an in-depth chat, and we can customise your special event and tailor it to your exact requirements.

Note that we only accept guests in the restaurant by prior reservation. Here, it is not possible to arrive without a prior booking.


Jacuzzi under the stars

Welcome to the hot tub in the Jacuzzi on the roof terrace. There is room for plenty of guests in the hot tub, and we can keep the party going by serving a selection of delicious hot and cold drinks.

With only the starry sky above, this is the perfect place to kick back and share stories from today’s experiences.

The soothing sound of the Reisa river and the effect of the massage bath provide deep relaxation. Feel your muscles become softer and the tension in your body disappears. Lean back and look up at the sky. Will the northern lights come dancing across the sky tonight?

The jacuzzi has room for 8-10 people, and should preferably be booked well in advance. There are often many about the bubbles here.

Bivrost Bar

The Vikings called the northern lights Bivrost. They believed it was a magical bridge between earth and heaven. At Reisastua you will find our popular Bivrost Bar, a modern bridge between the nature around us and you sitting on the bar stool.

Bivrost bar offers a variety of delicious spirits distilled from local, arctic ingredients. How about an arctic gin and tonic, made from indigenous botanicals and meltwater from a nearby glacier?

The local distillery Bivrost is the northernmost distillery in the world. We work in close cooperation with Aurora Spirits, and are proud to be their ambassador. You simply must not leave Reisastua before you have taken a trip to the bar, regardless of whether it is to sample an Aurora spirit or just to hear a Viking legend or two.