Ice fishing

Reisastua offers nature-based experiences in beautiful Reisadalen

The area around Reisastua is an ice fisherman’s paradise. It is close to the plateau where there are hundreds of good fishing waters where big chars await.

Some of the waters are easily accessible as they are along the approved snowmobile trails. Other waters are slightly away from the snowmobile trails and can be visited by dog ​​sled or skis.

Our guides are well known in the local area and know where to find the best fishing spots. We can set up tents so that you can stay by the water for several days or we can drive on shorter day trips. Several snowmobile trails start live at the lode. To get the biggest char, you should fish in the same water for a couple of days. There is normally the greatest chance of large char early in the morning. Arctic char often swim in shoals, so when it first bites the bait there is a great opportunity for many fish in a short time.

This form of fishing is extra exciting because it is possible to lie at the hole on top of a reindeer hide and look down into the hole. This is so exciting because you can see the fish swimming below the hole. The fish don’t always bite, so it’s fun to be able to see larger shoals swim past the hole. Ice fishing in the mountains is also a social and exotic experience. This is an activity suitable for the whole family. If it’s a bit windy, we have the opportunity to set up fishing tents on the waters so this is a pleasant activity.

Even though it is an arctic region, it is sometimes possible to sit in a T-shirt in the sun and fish. It is these days that are really worth experiencing.

After a successful day of fishing in the mountains, you can return to Reisastua and be served your own catch, which has been prepared by our chefs, or you can prepare it yourself. Many thought that Arctic char is some of the best fish they have tasted.

But before this culinary experience, it is important to enjoy a relaxing and wonderful time in Reisastua’s large outdoor jazuccie.