Canoeing and Packraft in Reisaelva

Do you want to explore Reisa National Park at your own pace and on your own? Welcome to 90 km with fantastic Arctic river landscape surrounded by beautiful nature. Reisaelva has both quiet whims, wild rapids and a wildlife. The big salmon wakes and jumps, while you paddle in the midnight sun to the sound of distant rumbling waterfalls, birds and animals. If it gets hot along the way, there are many sandy beaches that are perfect for swimming and cuddling! Along the river there are also several open cabins that can be used

We rent out canoes and deliver both you and canoe (s) to the desired location along the river. Then you can paddle and fish down the river. If, for example, you come on foot from Kautokeino or via the North Calotte route, it is perfect to have a canoe lying ready in Nausti. Then you can paddle down the rest of the river. Whatever the need – we fix it!

Contact us so that together we can plan and facilitate their needs and wishes for an unforgettable experience.

We recommend some prior knowledge with canoeing. In addition, we review a necessary safety instruction before renting a canoe. We come with tips and recommendations which rapids you should avoid and where you should go ashore to rent / carry a canoe. If the water level is high (max. 2.5 meters), we do not rent out canoes. This is for safety reasons as we know that the dangers of paddling on your own in the Reisa River can be underestimated. We do not want that.

Why book with us?

– Secure and refundable payment
– Outstanding service
– Complete tours
– Local professional guides
– Licensed and insured operator


Canoe rental price per. day – NOK 350, – including oars and life jacket.

Shipping by canoe / people: Depends on distance and number. Contact us for more info.